Dublin 3-7 september 2007

Report Dublin

Report Dublin  - Poland was represented by Jolanta Bilińska (National Health Fund Lodz, PFPS Champion)  and Kasia Nowak, patient (Patients Safety Foundation)

Fot. Kasia Nowak and Jolanta Bilinska, polish participats in Dublin.


The European Regional Patients for Patient Safety workshop was held in Dublin between 3-6 of September 2007. Meting gathered 50 people from 21 countries. There were 39 new participants from Eastern countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina) Central  Europe(Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Lithuania) and Western Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Israel, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, England).

"When things go wrong..." this was project’s name for workshop which was led by the Health Information and Quality Authority on behalf of World Alliance for Patient Safety. For three days we were working to build action plans and strategies for raising awareness of patient safety ensuring patients engagement in patient safety across the region. On day fourth we attended International Patient Safety Conference.


Fot. Sir Liam Donaldson, chair World Alliance for Patient Safety, his speech during conference 


The meeting aims at creating the European patient forum, though patient safety has still not been fully recognized as the important issue, malpractice litigation has only started to emerge as a problem and patient empowerment is still its infancy, patients safety is slowly rising on the agenda of  European health policy.

I mentioned there that Poland has already started some patient safety oriented initiatives and participates in EU wide movement for patients safety. I tell also all participants about our initiative – round table in November organized by WHO officer in Poland and also authorities in health and non-government organizations, patients themselves. 


Kasia Nowak: -  I found meeting in Dublin as very exiting and instructive experience, I meet lots of people from many countries. I had opportunity to talk with other about their experience with health care system, share in formations and spent really nice time together. Leaders of meeting were very enthusiastic. They were teaching us about goals and aims of patients for patient safety. They give us inspiring power that through our hard work we can change something and make health care more safety. Listening to other participants stories were also very inspiring and moving. We learnt from each other about our problems and how we want to resolve them. We ended meeting full of hope and new energy, ready to make first step to improve safety of health care system for all of us.




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